Second Life Webmix

Second Life has a complex online presence with many official webpages, as well as countless resident generated websites. All this content can be tricky to keep track of, so for this reason we've collected some of the most widely visited Second Life websites in one place by creating a Symbaloo webmix .

Symbaloo works as a visual web page collator (or 'webmix'). As each link (or 'tile') has its own icon, it can be much easier to spot than trawling through a list of bookmarks.

If you need one online location with all the relevant links to Second Life content then bookmark this page, or simply copy the embed code below and add it to your own blog. The width and height settings can be edited to suit your own pages.

If you're unsure what each tile in the above webmix links to, hover your cursor over each one for text displaying the name.Click on a tile to go to the webpage.