Taking a little time out from a hectic Second Life schedule is a good way to recharge your batteries for the next bout of partying, building and romancing inworld. With that in mind SL-Inspiration likes to provide some games to help you unwind.

If you are a jigsaw fan then you will find a growing number of Second Life themed jigsaw puzzles here.  Some are embedded on the page so they can be played within SL-Inspiration whilst others can be downloaded for you to keep and share with friends.

The embedded jigsaws are stored on JigZone's website, which gives you the option to play them either within SL-inspiration or on the Jigzone page. Just click on the thumbnail on each page to go to the JigZone version.

Embedding Jigsaws on Your Own Webpages

You are welcome to embed the jigsaw puzzles you find here on your own website. Simply copy and paste the embed code that's included on each puzzle page.

Have Your Own Images Converted to Puzzles

If you have a favourite Second Life image  contact me  to see it converted to a jigsaw puzzle. The Puzzle will then be added here. If the image is of a sim,  club or anything else owned by you, an SLURL can be included on the puzzle's page, along with a link to your Second Life website if you have one.

This can be a novel way of attracting more attention to your Second Life club or business etc. Along with the image you should also include a 200 word description, (something that is more than a blatant advertisement; make it interesting!). If you would prefer a downloadable jigsaw puzzle (or both), this can also be done.