The Portal Park 2b

In the run up to Halloween I've created three themed jigsaw puzzles for you to solve and collect, and this haunted house picture, taken at The Portal Park 2b is puzzle number three.

The Portal Park is a Linden Department of Public Works creation, so as you can imagine its an outstanding interpretation of the Halloween theme, with plenty to explore, and so much to photograph. Time will slip by here especially if you bring friends.

LPW run a private group owned by Michael Linden, but his is how it describes it aims:
The LDPW will organise teams of resident builders, artists and scripters to create new content for use by Linden Lab, and for the SL community. Resident builders ("moles") will be provided with specific build projects and will oversee progress before taking ownership of the content once work is completed.
This jigsaw puzzle can either be played here below, or it can be downloaded for you to keep and play offline whenever you choose. The downloadable version is stored on Google Drive, which checks for nasty content so you can be sure its safe. Just click here to get your copy.

If you prefer to solve the jigsaw puzzle here, just drag each piece in place and connecting pieces will snap together. To the bottom left of the puzzle there's an opton for a background ghost image, and another to view the image in a small window. Towards the bottom right there is an option to play full screen.

Enjoy solving all three jigsaw puzzles, and have a fun Halloween!