Everwinter Abandoned Amusement Park

Its that time of year when Halloween looms just around the corner, so to help you celebrate I've created three themed jigsaw puzzles, which I'll be posting here in the run up to the big day.

This first puzzle shows Everwinter, an abondoned amusement park, which is based on a real location. The creator, Lauren Bentham says of the sim,
Everwinter is fictional but inspired by the abandoned amusement park in the real world city of Pripyat, it is only my vision and not an accurate representation of pripyat or the Chernobyl disaster.
As you enter the sim you'll be offered a flashlight, a landmark and a notecard that explains more about Pripyat and its relation to The Chernobyl disaster, making it a truely chilling experience.

This jigsaw puzzle can either be played here below, or it can be downloaded for you to keep and play offline whenever you choose. The downloadable version is stored on Google Drive, which checks for nasty content so you can be sure its safe. Just click here to get your copy.

If you prefer to solve the jigsaw puzzle here, just drag each piece in place and connecting pieces will snap together. To the bottom left of the puzzle there's an opton for a background ghost image, and another to view the image in a small window. Towards the bottom right there is an option to play full screen.

Don't forget to visit Everwinter in Second Life, have fun solving the puzzle and have a happy Halloween.