Isla Okiddo

SL-Inspiration: Isla Okiddo Long Boat in Second Life

Its been a while since I created a Second Life jigsaw puzzle, so here is the latest. The picture was taken at Isla Okiddo, but sadly I can't find the SLurl (maybe I have mispelt the name..?). Hopefully someone will recognise the sim and be able to provide a link.

If you have a business or have a favourite scenic location in Second Life I will be very happy to host an image turned into a jigsaw puzzle for you here for Free. I will need a description and an Slurl to share with page visitors. Look on the Jigsaws page on for more information, or contact me (Lusus Saule) by notecard.

You can download this zipped jigsaw puzzle here. If you don't have software to unzip the file, try the free 7-Zip utility. Enjoy tackling the jigsaw, and bookmark SL-Inspiration for more info and goodies.