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Tuesday, 3 September 2013



I took this snapshot some time ago at Virtual Decay, a sim whose theme is one of urban post apocalyptic breakdown, with lots of detailed grungy vintage buildings. There's lots of potential there for Second Life photographers.

Using the Jigsaw Puzzle

Using the jigsaw puzzle couldn't be easier, simply click on each piece in turn and slide it into position. There is also a timer so you can see how quickly you can complete it. If you need more space for the puzzle simply click on the thumbnail which will take you to Jigzone.com where jigsaw is stored.

Pylon Jigsaw Puzzle

Add the Jigsaw Puzzle to Your Own Website

To add this jigsaw to your own website just copy and paste the code below to your webpage editor. This can be a good way to entertain your visitors. You can also have your own favourite Second Life images converted to jigsaw puzzles. More details here.


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