Camera Control Hud for 3D Images

This is a simple camera control hud based on Azurei Ash’s camera script. The purpose of the hud is to help users create stereo images that can be turned into anaglyph 3D images. I have created a tutorial  naturally called How to Create 3D Images for Second Life describing how to do this. You can pick up a free copy of the 3D Camera Hud from the Marketplace.

 Using the Camera Hud 

Unpack the camera to your inventory and wear it. You should then see a hollow blue square to the centre of your screen. This can be used to help position the camera and frame the subject of your snapshot.

 Click the square and it should turn red and move to the default camera position.

To move the camera to the position you want use these keyboard controls:

Left Arrow……….Rotates the camera to the left
Right Arrow………Rotates the camera to the right
Up Arrow…………Zooms the camera
Down Arrow………Zooms the camera out
Pageup……………Moves the camera upwards
Pagedown………..Moves the camera downwards

To pan the camera hold down shift and either the right or left arrow key Because the hud is configured to move the camera in small precise increments to create stereo images, it can take a while to move it into the initial position to frame the first snapshot. To make the camera move faster, hold down the left mouse button.

Taking stereo images 

Taking stereo images is simple. Position the camera for the first snapshot and save it to your hard drive. Pan the camera by holding down Shift then tapping either the right or left arrow key. Now save the second snapshot.

If you are using the hud to create anaglyph 3D images, then it is a good idea to take a series of snapshots. Take one, then pan the camera slightly then take another and so on. This way you will have a number of images to experiment with to get the best 3D image of your subject