Babbage Palisade

Babbage Palisade is an industrial themed sim with a strong slant towards steampunk, complete with trams and smoke billowing from factory chimneys; an ideal subject for this downloadable jigsaw puzzle. The sim owner, Mosseveno Tenk describes it as,
a sooty northern industrial City-Nation of the steampunk imagination, loosely based on the era of 1830 to 1890. Tourists are a common sight and are welcomed. The City has a rich history dating back to an earlier clockwork technological period, hinted at but largely unexplored.
I took the image of the clock tower at Babbage Palisade some time ago, working it quite heavily in Gimp by creating a subdued palette then merging it with a grunge texture to add a worn appearance.

This jigsaw  can be downloaded from My4shared for you to keep and share with friends. There are over 100 pieces so some may find it a little challenging, but hopefully worth the effort.

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